If You’re Going to Be a Bear, Be a Grizzly

Land Consulting and Services for the Modern Energy Industry

Grizzly Land Services is a full-spectrum land services company, solely devoted to fulfilling the goals and objectives of its clients. We provide title, acquisition, regulatory, and back-office support for energy, transportation, and utility providers throughout the Continental United States.

At Grizzly, our niche is in oil and gas exploration and production (E&P) consulting. Whether you are a geologist, engineer, or project manager, we can guide you through the process, step by step, all while continuously looking for ways to save costs. Every task and project will be approached with a “Grizzly” mentality, all in, all the time, nothing halfway, so that our clients are able to achieve their goals and objectives with a focus on efficiency in time and budget. With decades of experience in developing and mentoring Landmen throughout the United States, our team at Grizzly offers a comprehensive approach to land services, with a personal approach to customer relations. Unlike large corporate land service companies, Grizzly treats every client as a trusted friend. Our mission is to build deep rooted relationships, which is why, big or small, every client matters to us. Grizzly treats every client as a trusted friend and partner.

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